09. Mar 2018   |   Schweiz


Motocross-Babe Michelle @michellewolf251 loves riding off roads since she`s 15 years old. She got into MX, when she first assisted at a Motocross race in September 2014. she immediately knew, that Sport was made for her! A couple of weeks later, Michelle got herself her very first MX Bike and started practicing like crazy. She competed on her first race only 6 months after buying the bike! Her first race was hard…and Michelle had a huge Crash. Michelle: «I remember that I heard my bones crashing, the pain was incredible. I managed to ride to the side of the track, so that I wouldn`t get more injured. »  She broke several bones and lost her consciousness. She spent 9 days in Hospital and got surgery…. doctors told her, it might be possible that she won`t be able to walk properly again. But Michelle is a fighter and fighters never give up. She got back on her bike only 4 months after her Crash. She got better and better, and it`s been two years now, that Michelle is competing in the swiss Championship.

Wow Michelle, you`re one hell of a Kind! Good luck for your future races…thanks for inspiring us!!!

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