09. Mar 2018   |   USA


Alaskan bikerbabe @vennkaden saw her first bike after she moved to California: "There was an immediate attraction for motorcycles and an admiration for their riders. In 2007 my oldest brother got his first bike, a CBR1000. In a helmet, two sizes too big for me, I rode around as a tiny human backpack until I fell asleep during a commute. After which, being a human backpack (appropriately) stopped.

Later on, we got two 50cc bikes on which my oldest brother taught me and my other brother how to ride." @vennkaden got her license after high school....and her first bike after a bad breakup: "A friend accompanied me during motorcycle window shopping and suggested the old "trade your wife in for a bike" sort of thing ????????......Which worked out great! While I sat on multiple bikes of varying makes and sizes, I confidently ended up picking my "Genesis"- a 2015 Yamaha R3, who is still with me today.

As I continue to explore the ins and outs of this hobby and community, I find that I have an appreciation for motorcycles of all types, and even more so for the riders who can appreciate the diversity, as well." Beautiful words, thank you for sharing love!

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