09. Mar 2018   |   USA


The next inspiring story is from this babe @rachel.bruni . The bikerbabe from Nashville started riding bike a few years ago, when she was dating a guy who rode: "After the first time on the back of his bike, I was hooked and insisted we ride everywhere. It wasn't long before I started toying with the idea of having my own bike." They found  a 1981 Honda CM200T on Craigslist and managed to somehow load "that bad boy" into the back of his station wagon. Rachel: "And a few weeks later, he dumped me - you know that first time someone rips your heart out and stomps on it a bunch? Yah that happened. So I'm super depressed and I'm stuck with this machine I knew nothing about and it was constantly breaking down. I had two options - sell the bike or learn to ride the shit outta it!" Obviously and fortunately she chose the latter: "Riding began as a means of discovery and turned into this incredible, empowering passion that allowed me to connect with so many badass people and really reclaim my independence!" Rachel currently rides a 2015 Yamaha SR400 which she'll be riding from Nashville to Joshua tree with a couple of other rad girls for Babes Ride Out. "I couldn't be more stoked!" Dear Rachel, thank you for this really inspiring story, you made the best decision and got your independence back. You look great on that Honda! much love and many wonderful adventures. Credits to the photo go to Andrew Lazo

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