09. Mar 2018   |   Deutschland


German bikerbabe @josirsechs started riding with a Yamaha R6! Everyone told her it's dumb to start with a sportsbike, but Josi didn't care! That was 4 years ago. Meanwhile she did more than 60'000 km on that bike!! Josi is doing trackdays too and loves to go full throttle on the track! What a badass! Keep on hustling love! much love to you
COME CLOSER. Swiss bikerbabe Mirabella @mirabellaweingart fell in love with her Yamaha MT 07 the moment she first saw it: "I never wanted to buy a brand new bike...but then I saw my babe and went for a testride. After 30 minutes I was in love. I returned the very next day and bought it!" Now, they are an inseparable Team! dear Mirabella, you two are a perfect match! Hope to ride together with you soon love

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