09. Mar 2018   |   England


Adrenaline-junkie, skydiver, stuntwoman and bikerbabe @cassandra_faye_stunts definitely got it from her momma: both of her parents ride motorcycles and Cassandra always looked up to her mum, who started riding bikes at a young age. Cassandra started stunt riding two years ago: "It's probably the hardest thing I've ever done...and I am a skydiver! Stunt riding requires so much power, stamina and mind control over fear. It's insane, but so rewarding and a very personal experience! I can't explain the feeling of balancing a 200kg motorcycle on its back wheel... when the engine feels like it is almost on top of you and you are the only one controlling it, stopping it from crushing you. I have always loved bikes but the deep connection I now have with my stunt bike is mad. I know her and I feel every little thing. it's amazing!" Cassandra wants women to know, that they don't need to be what society wants them to be...just be yourself! wise words dear! Thanks for sharing this badass! Photo Credits go to: @bikestylestory and @stuntedreality

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