09. Mar 2018   |   Schweiz


Lorella from @girlsonbikes_ got her love for motorcycles from her wonderful dad, who always took her on tour. But she never tried riding, since she always thought she could never handle a big bike. A couple of years ago, she went to Southeast Asia all by herself, as she met @uenidread @esjose34 and @alexmarber . They taught her how to ride an old Honda win and that's when she got hooked. 4 months and 4000 miles later, she was still travelling all over southeast asia by bike. Today, she's a passionate biker, a motorbike-tester and journalist.  Her Suzuki VX 800 is her loyal companion and a beloved gift from her dad. Together with her friends Anja @trackandstreet.ch, Julia @mustanglady_ , and Patrik from @etrexdesign she is building up girlsonbikes.ch, to support and encourage other women who ride or would love to learn. @girlsonbikes_ is not about sexy girls posing on motorbikes. It's about riding, learning, growing, feeling. It's about trust in yourself and how to overcome your fears (yes, we all have them! We still learn how to take corners right...) GoB is for all girls who never thought they could, but want to prove they can. For hungry souls, for women who want more from life, for free spirits and for all girls, who are badass and lady in one! 

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