09. Mar 2018   |   Schweiz


Anja from Girls on bikes didn't grow up in a typical bike- family. She didn't know anything about motorsport or motorcycles. In 2005, at age 10, she first saw a moto-race on television. The swiss Pro-Racer Tom Lüthi @tomluethi12 won the 125ccm world championship. This moment changed everything. Anja was extremely fascinated and started to read, watch and collect everything she could find. She started riding at 18.... but that wasn't enough. She knew, that passion was more than a hobby. It should become her living. She wanted to be part of this world of motorbikes, race circuits and tracks. Today, Anja is part of the MotoGP world.  She's proud to be a member of the @swissmoto2 racing team. She's a PR Manager and works in sponsoring, but is also one of the leading heads of the FMS, swiss federation of motorbikes. Together with her friend Lorella, Anja is building up a network to support female bikers???? It was a long way to get where she is now, but Anja's story proves, that you should never doubt in yourself. Follow your heart and pursue your dreams. "Thanks to all my great people who support me in what I do. much love to all of you

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