08. Mar 2018   |   Deutschland


Today's bike-story is from german bikerbabe Eileen @mrsblacksoul. Eileen is currently taking riding lessons and saving for her own motorbike. `til then she practices on her boyfriend’s bike! Eileen is absolutely in love with the feeling of sitting on a motorbike. She got her big love for bikes from her dad, who unfortunately passed away in a bike-accident four years ago….. It was the most tragic event in her life. But that doesn`t stop her from riding herself. She knows how much her father loved his motorbike...and she got that passion from him. Eileen’s boyfriend supports her wherever he can: He takes her with him as a pillion and teaches her riding. Together they enjoy the sensation of freedom or meet other great bikers on the way. Oh dear Eileen, we're sure your dad is watching you from above and is super proud of his daughter! It's great you have such an amazing boyfriend who supports you and will teach you riding. Keep us posted about your improvements! All the best to you love, big hugs!

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