09. Mar 2018   |   Russland


Best friends support each other’s dreams! We already posted our bikerbabe @lenapulya `story, (Her boyfriend didn`t want her to ride, so she dumped him and got herself a bike! Best decision ever.) But this story is about her best friend Alex, who`s obsessed with motorcycles too. Lena met Alex  through her ex-boyfriend. The two girls had an instant connection. They both shared the dream of riding bikes and spent many hours talking about their hopes and passion for the motorcycle-lifestyle. Finally the two decided take riding-lessons together. It wasn`t an easy time for Lena. Issues in her relationship and her family being against her riding was hard. But gladly Alex supported her and they both learnt how to ride. When Lena and her ex broke up, her friend (who initially was her ex`s friend) stayed by her side, helped her to buy her first bike, helped her to improve her riding technique and gave Lena courage, when she was about to give up. Today they`re best buds. Lena: “I just love her like nobody else, she`s the best friend I could ever ask for. She`s my guardian angel, always holds my back and believes in me. I hope that everyone out there has a friend like this!”

Dear Lena, thank you so much for sharing your incredibly sweet story with us! This is one of the things we love so much about riding…even if you do it by yourself, it still brings people closer together. All the best and so much love to you and your sister from another mister! much love!!!

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